Thinking About Becoming A Trusty Sheds Agent & Adding A New Income Stream To Your Business? Here are some Things You Might Want To Know

Yes you do but you are also welcome to sell anywhere in Australia to people you know. You just can’t advertise in other areas.

Great question. Unlike other companies, if someone calls head office, we will get all the details and quote it for you. Then you’re sent a copy of the quote with the clients details so you can follow up and quote on the concrete and build. The commission is yours.

That generally depends on the area you live in. We find anything more than about 30kms is a big ask for an agent to travel to just to quote on a small carport. Also, if it’s an area outside of what you usually work in and are not known in, people won’t call you anyway.

Almost anyone can be an agent. If you have an existing business with existing clients, and you’re willing to fill out our easy to use templates, act in a timely manner to get quotes finalised, you’re on the right track. The biggest thing is customer service. Good old fashioned “What can I do to help you?”

No one likes to wait. Getting a quote done quickly is part of a process that shows the client we care and we want their business. The first step is talking to them to make sure we’re doing the best shed for them to suit their needs and budget.

Yes and for windows also. We encourage you to network and shop locally. Work in with local suppliers to help each other as much as you can.

We have an online marketing including Google and Facebook ads. All agents advertise in their own area as they are the people known in their area. We generally piggyback on other ads we do by adding the Trusty Sheds logo and a simple “Let us remove the stress from the supply, concreting and construction of your new shed.”

Sure although it needs to be approved by our head office. We’ve never knocked one back yet.

We are 100% behind you and the client. If you need help or your client has questions then just call us.We’ll sort it for you.

We pay our agents their commission on the 7th of every month.

If you don’t see your question about becoming a
Trusty Sheds Agent,
call us on 0418 923 243

Isn’t it time you stopped earning money on the end of a shovel.


If you can picture yourself in your garage or shed, building or working on a project or creating memories with the family, then Trusty Sheds can show you how to make it happen.

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