Trusty Sheds man cave


Looking for a Man Cave?


At Trusty sheds we have had the pleasure of installing some serious Man Caves.

A man cave is a sacred place for a man to come, sit and enjoy having a beer with his mates. He gets to enjoy watching a footy game in peace and quiet. Every man wants a man cave, somewhere to hang out, relax and watch TV.

A man cave is a place where a man can have his tools and machines stored, where everything is exactly where he wants it and he doesn’t need to move anything for anyone.

  • You might want a shed to build projects
  • You might want a shed to store your stuff
  • You might want a shed to build stuff and work on projects

But… Whatever your reason for buying a shed you have to make it a MAN CAVE.

To turn your shed into a man cave there are a few essential things you need to have:

  • Pool table
  • Bar fridge
  • Alcohol
  • Coach
  • BIG screen TV
  • Surround sound
  • Stereo
  • Signs–about your man cave, motorbikes, cars etc.
  • Food
  • Dart Board

Once you have these essential items in your man cave it’ll feel like the best man cave anyone could have. All you have left to do now is to invite you mates over for a BBQ and to watch the footy.

Here at Trusty Sheds we are able to build you a shed to fit any size, colours and design. Our sheds and their parts are 100% Australian and are designed to be personalised by each and every customer.

We give you a wide variety of sheds to choose from so you can have exactly what you want.

Trusty sheds can supply your shed – but making in into a man cave, well, that’s your job mate!!

So if you want a man cave and just want an Aussie team to make it easy for you, to take all the stress out of the supply, concreting and construction of your new home away from home,
give Trusty Sheds a call on 1300 87 87 89 today.



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