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Wanted….. Tradies ready for sudden profits.

Remember when you first went into business for yourself. You had a dream, a vision, of what it was going to be like. Just being the boss. and all the perks that go with that. Lunches at the pub with clients. Good guys working for you that just do what’s needed without being guided every step of the way. Having so much on you could just pick and choose.

 How’s that reality going ?

If, like most tradies, you’ve not quite got to where you want to be, this may well be the answer to put you back in the drivers seat.

We’ve all been there. Taken a big bite, chewed like crazy but still wondering how everyone else does it.

• Do you want to make more money?
• Do you want to leverage your existing business and marketing?
• Do you want to grow your existing business with new clients?


Having your own TRUSTY SHEDS Agency is a fantastic opportunity to operate within your existing business to reduce overhead costs. It provides you with the opportunity to sell a range of quality products from an established brand, with no need to tie up capital or space with stock and inventory.

There may be an opportunity for you to become a TRUSTY SHEDS Agent in your area.

You will find that a Trusty Sheds agency will “feed” your existing business and your existing business will feed your Trusty Sheds agency. A Trusty Sheds agency is the perfect opportunity to increase your present income far beyond its present level.  


  • National Buying Power
  • Product Research and Development
  • Trusty Sheds Internet Website
  • Done for you quoting
  • Freecall   1300TRUSTY
  • Small one time set up fee and continuous ongoing support.

All quotations are done-for-you in house and sent straight to you. Our system takes all the guess work out of the equation. All you need to do is simply send us the details. We will take care of all the paperwork and customer follow up for you.


Is This The Time For You To Become A Trusty Sheds Agent?

  • Is your business profitable and making the money you need to live a good life?
  • Does your business have an extra income potential that compliments the service you already offer?
  • Do you have a marketing plan that ensures growth of customer reach and increased business revenue?
  • Do you need some help to make all the above happen?


NOW… is the Time To Increase Your Services And Have Your Business Make More Money!


Just picture being a part of this for a minute.

  1. We take care of our customers with great service. We take care of customer follow ups and enquiries for you. 
  2. Support to succeed. We are behind you every step of the way.
  3. You will never have to outlay your own money for a client. All Trusty Sheds clients pay the head office for their kits. You don’t have to put your own money on the line.
  4. We do all the quoting. You don’t have to mess around trying to work out the price of the shed, bolts, frames etc. We quote for the kit. You simply quote for your own services, ie. Concrete and/or build.
  5. Become Part of a Growing Successful Team. You will be part of a successful growing team of business people who all have the same goal in mind – to grow their business by offering their customer the best products and services available. You will have support behind you all the way.

A Personal Note From: Marco DeBoni, CEO Trusty Sheds. QBCC Lic 1145223

It’s getting harder to survive in the market place for the average tradesman. There’s a myth that being a good at your trade is all you need to run a profitable business. But I don’t need to tell you – nothing is further from the truth.

To grow your business bigger and stronger, it pays to have multiple options so you can offer more to your customers. It’s a great advantage to be able to offer your customers other services and it keeps them coming back for more.

Customers want to do business with people who are fast and efficient, The generally prefer to deal with just one person instead of co-ordinating different teams to do parts of the one job.

Here’s why this is a Huge opportunity for you:

For years I saw sheds being built after I laid the concrete for a client.

We’d get the concrete down then weeks later nothing more had happened. The clients were frustrated, there was a delay in supply, or an issue with the product where they were trying to get hold of a customer service whose job it was to not help them. And eventually they would get their shed, perhaps months after they were supposed to have it.

These businesses survived anyway, because that’s how people did business then. Not anymore. People just don’t put up with it now. With social media, word of mouth rules, be it good or bad. It pays to run a tight ship. So we do. We have a quote follow up system with potential clients, second to none.

We know you’re busy, and that’s why we follow up with our quotes. Many companies out there are leaving money on the table for want of a simple follow up email. Or they don’t follow up with their customers because they don’t know how.

But at Trusty Sheds, we do.

I have spent thousands of dollars on marketing and sales education, knowing how to get and keep clients. And it has been worth every cent. It’s helped Trusty Sheds to become very successful in just a few short years and now we’re looking to expand our reach again.

These days people want to buy the experience, the service , the quality their dollar deserves because let’s face it, people aren’t buying a shed. They’re buying a dream, a vision of how they can build their dream car in their sheds, teach their kids to use tools that our Dads taught us to use, and a place to have their mates over for the game on Friday night.

We’re looking for down to earth blokes with an existing business that want to add more income to their business and boost their profits.

So there you have it..  


This May Well Be The Best Decision You Have Made In Your Business

  • You’ll walk away with a great system ready to go, that gives you the tools and resources to create a more effective and profitable business and the support and backup of a national company without massive franchise fees.
  • We offer a generous commission on each sale you make.
  • Do the concrete, do the build and make money on selling the kit.
  • You don’t outlay any of your own funds for the shed kit. The clients pay us directly so you don’t have to worry about the cash flow.
  • PLUS, your team members could be working on another job whilst you are out quoting or you could subcontract someone else to do the build!


Our agents find that they are able to make more money from the sales as we have a quote follow up system that is second to none. So ask yourself, how much extra money would you like to bring in to your business each year?

Here’s are just a few results your business will experience by being a Trusty Sheds Agent:

  • More profit for you. An increase in customer opportunities means more turnover and more profit.
  • Increase your customer base. You now have another great product in your line up.
  • Get ahead of the competition. Business is getting too competitive with people undercutting with tenders. Our marketing and follow up system means you leave your competition in the dust.

Becoming a Trusty Sheds Agent may be the best solution for you right now if you’re determined to make 2016 your most successful year yet buy increasing your income, winning more jobs and getting more customers referrals.


Why you should take action right now

It boils down to this: If you close this page and do nothing, then you’ll be no better or no worse off. You may still be frustrated and overwhelmed about bringing in money or chasing new business. And I’m sure you’d agree, unless you find a solution, you’ll probably always be wanting to make more money but you still don’t have a plan on how to achieve it.

It’s up to you.  We don’t need to convince you that you need to become a Trusty Sheds Agent. If you think that you will be complaining about the same problems in 6 months, 2-years, 5-years, 10-years from now, then you will convince yourself it’s a good time to take action now.

We have a team of Trusty Sheds agents around Australia who’ve succeeded in selling sheds as an extra income stream, they’ve grown their customer reach and increased their business’s profits… and so can you. At some point they all faced the same problems in their business and were looking for a solution on how to move forward and expand. They faced the same decision you face now and that decision is:

Do you take action now or do you keep waiting for something to happen?

The answer’s you’re looking for are right here in front of you. If you’re not sure, talk to us and ask us any questions you might have. Remember, Success is a choice and the first step is taking action. We can’t help you to grow your business until you say YES! 

So, to join the growing family who are now increasing their business’ income, winning more jobs and getting more customers referrals, give me a call now on 1300 87 87 89.

Want some information but not ready to talk yet? No problem, you can send an email to: and I will reply to you personally.

Looking forward to talking with you soon.

Yours sincerely,

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Marco DeBoni


increase business If you can picture your business making more profit, then I can show you how to make it happen by joining the Trusty Sheds team. All you need to do is call me on 1300 87 87 89 and easily increasing your business income will be a reality.

ps Got some specific questions, check out our FAQ’s for potential agents